Dmitry’s Redemption: Book Two by Latrivia Welch (Available Now on Amazon)

Dmitry's Redemption: Book Two

Available now by Latrivia Welch

Russian Mafia Czar Dmitry Medlov has a serious problem. After declaring war on fellow International Council member, Erik Popov, for the failed assassination attempt on his life, Dmitry is forced to move his entire family to Siberia to keep them safe. However, there is no guarantee that his loved ones won’t kill each other. Forced to leave everything behind, emotions run hot when unsettled issues and long-time secrets are exposed.

Outside of the compound, things are even worse. Dmitry has to locate and terminate Popov allies in order to gain control of the war and ultimately find and kill Erik, but every death leads him further down a path of destruction. Will he sacrifice everything to get what he wants, or will he sacrifice himself to keep everyone he loves safe?

Read the final book in the Medlov Men Series, Dmitry’s Redemption: Book Two by USA Today bestselling author and creator of the Bratva/Russian Mafia Romance Genre, Latrivia Welch.
Attention Readers:

The book has been uploaded to the platform again. So, if you have purchased Dmitry’s Redemption: Book Two and it only had 26 chapters, please delete the file and resync. The book is actually 30 chapters. You don’t have the end. THERE IS NO CLIFFHANGER. If you have an e-book that ends at Chapter 26, please reload! Thank you for you feedback and your heads up to this error.

With Love,
Latrivia Welch

2 thoughts on “Dmitry’s Redemption: Book Two by Latrivia Welch (Available Now on Amazon)

  1. ec2005hr says:

    Already did my review, AmazingJust so I can be upfront with you Latrivia is one of my 1-click authors and if it is any indication from this book, she will remain on that list. I must start off with a WOWWWWW,  this book was a homerun for so many reasons.  My emotions were all over the place, my heart was so happy to see all my couples back together again, learning to navigate marriage and children. I can tell you I fell in love all over again and then I cried like this was my family for the heartbreaking moments. Latrivia Welch has proven she can pull emotion out of us, and sometimes brings out such heartfelt views, that her readers loose themselves in her words and sleep among her muses. Well done  Latrivia, well done….Maybe when my heart has mended, I will be back to add more until then, I must reread this gem 100 more times to absorb all the wonders of the Family MEDLOVSent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device


  2. Michelle Flowers says:

    I tried downloading the book again, resyncing the book but I’m still not getting the full book. 🤷🏾‍♀️ What I’ve read is amazing though.


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