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Author Latrivia Welch

Based in Memphis, TN, Latrivia Welch divides her time between her three passions: business, writing and community.
As the Director of Communications and Marketing for Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region, her days are spent advocating for women’s reproductive health and rights.
As the President and CEO of RiverHouse Publishing, LLC, an indie publishing house for self-published authors, she spends her time helping people realize their artistic dreams through literature.
And as USA TODAY bestselling author, Nelson has penned of over 20 novels about interracial romance  in an effort to eradicate stigmas around African-American women as heroines, interracial dating and multicultural children.
Having graduated from LeMoyne-Owen College and worked for some of the most impactful contemporary figures in the city of Memphis, Welch is committed to using her experience (over 17 years in public relations and marketing) and her passion to serve the community through volunteerism  to help the city progress in issues regarding women in leadership, politics, economic development, reproductive health, domestic abuse and education.
Welch is now the President of the Memphis Women’s Political Caucus. She is a member of the NAACP, Mothers of the NILE, a board member for the Boys and Girls Club (Samelson) and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
Welch is also the proud mother of 2.5 children and the wife of Bruce Welch, III.   They spend their evenings cooking using grandma’s cookbooks, arguing over the world’s best superheroes and enjoying each other’s company.



5 thoughts on “About Latrivia Welch

  1. SweetPea says:

    Enjoyed Ivy’s Twisted Vine. Well executed storyline. Do you plan on writing any more interracial bw/wm books? Those are my faves.
    Liked your blog till I reached the part about your preference of Boston over Phillies. Can’t go there, I’m Bronx born and bred. Obama’s win still brings a twinkle and tear to my eye. May God watch over him and his.


  2. Kinky Jack says:

    Latrivia, I’m with Sweet Pea. I can’t believe that you’re such a Boston freak. You should conform before it’s too late. Your book was awesome. Can’t wait for your new one. Also, you should really post some new pix of you. The Save the Ta-tas post was hot. Yum Yum.

    Kinky Jack


  3. JK says:

    Latrivia, I really enjoyed the story and the chemistry between Brett and Courtney in “The Grunt.” Is there any chance you might write about the way an interracial (BW/WM) relationship plays out when both hero and heroine are working in another country/culture, not surrounded by the social dynamics they’d face back in the US (maybe a gung-ho, young, white Marine stationed at Atsugi NAS, and a young, black, woman of the world, freshly graduated from her undergrad and teaching English in Tokyo?). Thank you for all you do!


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