20 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Dr. John Bell says:

    Heu Latrivia,
    I just wanted to let you know that you have a very interesting book that holds my interest. I must say, I am a great fan of your present work. I hope that you will look out for my book as well. Let me know when your next project is due to come out and I will be sure to get a copy of it as well.

    One Memphis author to another,I will be publishing my next book on Authorhouse by the way. I like there package deals on book production. Nothing like trial and error to help you get it all together!!

    Chat with you soon,

    Dr. John E. Bell


    • Latrivia Nelson says:

      Dr. Bell,

      It’s such a pleasure. I can’t wait to get your book and for all of my blog readers, please pick up The Invasion of the Baby Daddy. It’s an excellent read that gives insight from a man’s perspective on that complicated new relationship that many of us have with our ex and our present.

      Dmitry’s Closet is close to being out and in the hands of readers nationwide. I’ll give you a call and let you know as soon as we have copies available. I’d love for you to tell me what you think. Coffee is needed. We can chat over Starbucks and share insight.

      Before you publish with AuthorHouse, I’d like to talk to you about some other ways to cut your supply chain for profit.

      Chat with you soon!



  2. Cheryl says:

    Latrivia, this is Cheryl from the post office. I enjoyed you on saturday.Please let me know before your next visit to the P. O. because I want both books.


  3. D. Wood says:

    I loved both of your books. I am a native of Memphis, Tn. I have lived here all my life. I was raised in South Memphis. I loved to see street names and place I am familiar with. such as Wellington, Crump, Poplar Ave and such as. Please I would love for your next book to be about Anatoly and Renee. I think they would make an awesome odd couple. When you ended Dimitry’s closet with Anatoly riding in the car with his new love. I was truly hoping that was Renee. She did not get a lot of coverage in Dimitry’s Closet. She seems strong, outspoken, and independent. Just what Anatoly needs in his life. Please get them together for your next book. I am a true blue fan.


  4. Ani says:

    Hi Latrivia,
    I just wanted to let you know that I love your books. Hoping that you will consider writing “The Grunt 2” & perhaps “Finding Opa 2” (?).. Absolutely loved those books.
    I did want to say that you are in my prayers and that I am wishing you well.
    Please remember that God’s got it all in control.
    Take care,


  5. H says:

    Love your work and am a great supporter of yours. However, I just wanted to point out there are no airports in Manhattan. I was a little thrown about Dmitry stepping off a plane in a private hanger in Manhattan, that would have to be queens.


  6. Reka says:

    I love your books and am a Dmitri lover. I cant wait to see what happens in the upcoming book. will it be out this summer? please keep writing your one of the few writers i follow. i know im picky.


  7. silvina.p says:

    Hello from france. I would like to know if you are going to writ a book about grabriel and vasily if yes whennnn?


    • Latrivia Nelson says:

      Hi Silvina,

      Yes, we are working on a book called Vasily’s Revenge, Part 1 to be released on July 6th as a part of the Scandalous Heroes Box Set. Thanks so much for reaching out. Or should I say Merci!


  8. cassandra says:

    Loved loved loved Vasily’s Revenge and I can’t wait for part 2 in Nov. If you want to release it early, I’m more than okay with that lol. I had a question. In Vasily’s Revenge, when Dmitry said he just had sex from hell was he saying that in a bad way? Also is Boris the same Boris from V6? Im really interested in his history cause he has been around for a minute even before Anatoly. Gabriel Gabriel Gabriel. I so want to know what’s going on there. Will you have a discussion post for this book cause I have more questions. Loved seeing Dmitry and Royal more relaxed and being a married couple and having fun instead of all business like. Wish I could have read about their night cap lol. Great work and keep it up cause I want more more more!


    • Latrivia Nelson says:

      Thank you so much, Cassandra.
      In Vasily’s Revenge, when Dmitry said he just had sex from hell was he saying that in a bad way? Answer (no, he just has a very happy sex life with his wife).
      Also is Boris the same Boris from V6? Answer: Yes, this is our same Boris:-)
      Will you have a discussion post for this book cause I have more questions? Answer (Yes, please join my group on Facebook, Latrivia’s Love Pub). We post all our of thoughts and questions there. We’d love to have you.


  9. Nyeesha says:

    “Highness” is a coming soon book. It looks VERY INTERESTING. When do you think you will be able to buy it???
    Also, when can we expect Part 2 of “Vasily’s Revenge”??? Its a REALLY GOOD story. You don’t just write interracial romance, you write excellent stories. Who can turn away from a REALLY GOOD story?


  10. keysha says:

    Ok. I just read the beginning of V6 and had to stop and ask will there be more of the story for Anya in the future and if so do you have a time line for it.


  11. Tris says:

    Hi Latrivia,

    I was wondering if there will be another book about Anatoly and Renee? I really enjoyed reading about them and feel there is so much more for them.


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