Latrivia Nelson Thinks the Possibilities are Endless!


A few minutes for Barack's Speech

A few minutes for Barack


I’m only 28, but the involvement that I’ve seen in the communities around me in this presidential election has been unbelievable.  When I was in undergrad, a few moons ago, we had to beg people to come out to vote.  I remember that November it was cold and frustrating.  I walked around knocking on doors in late October and for the election night, I had the flu.  This year, I’ve not walked door-to-door, but I have given financially and participated in a few rallies. I’ve made phone calls and prayed that my candidate wins. 

 However, the news is reporting breaking numbers of people who are coming out to vote.  This year, change has occurred regardless of what anyone says.  People care.  They have issues that they want addressed.  Now, I won’t get into what those issues are, because I’ve given myself a time limit on this entry.  However, I will say that in four years, I pray to God that we have the same passion that we have right now for the election process.

 This has sparked a new thought for me.  We are showing our children that possibilities are endless for them.  If they truly believe in a issue, if they dare think that they can change a problem and provide a solution, they only need to put that first foot forward and begin to walk in that direction.  People will rally behind you, if you are determined and willing to stand and give a good fight.

I love Senator Obama and his lovely family for their courage and their determination.  When I asked my beautiful son what he wanted to be when he grew up, he didn’t say Batman or Hulk like normal.  He said, “I want to be President.”  He wants to be President! 

All across the US, there will be young men and women of all ethnic backgrounds and all religions who will start to dream beyond the glass ceiling.  They will start to think more of themselves then what at first some would have them think.  Young girls will want to be President of Anything and Everything, young men will consider themselves leaders.

This is a good change for all of us.  We are inspiring them, much like our parents and grandparents inspired us.  It’s a good feeling. 

 What do you feel America?



23 thoughts on “Latrivia Nelson Thinks the Possibilities are Endless!

  1. loria says:

    I just wanted to say that the page looks wonderful and how very proud i am to have a great sister like you. I only hope to grow up and be half as great as you are.



  2. Shirley says:

    Dear Latrivia,

    I am so excited to see that you have another book coming out around XMas!! I purchased your first novel, which you were so kind to autograph for me, and absolutely loved it. I let my best girlfriend borrow it and had to put her in a head-lock to get it back. I am looking forward with held breath & excitement for the newest addition.
    A Devoted fan from Detroit


    • Latrivia Nelson says:


      How are you? Thanks for your support! Yes, Dmitry’s Closet will be out in just a few months. I can’t wait. Please tell me exactly what you think. I do remember your purchase. I keep a list of all those who purchase from my site. I’ll be eager to know from everyone if this one is better and if so, how. It is always my greatest ambition to improve.

      Thanks again,



  3. Christine says:

    Loved Dmitry’s Closet. Great character development, with wondefully vivid and multi-faceted characters. Unpredictable plot twists. I’m a big fan of the genre. I look forward to reading whatever you write next.


  4. Bev Bristol says:

    I just finished reading both Ivy’s Twisted Vine and Dmitry’s Closet. wonderful books! I started reading about 0400 this morning central European time. Yes I’m in the military, stationed in Naples, Italy. Ms. Nelson please, please write some more, I’m about to have a serious breakdown! 🙂


  5. Brenda says:

    I am disappointed that there are only two books. I need more. I have NEVER in all my *cough cough* years written to comment on a book but I couldn’t let this pass. Your books are unbelievable. Thank you for sharing your talent.


    • Latrivia Nelson says:

      Hi Brenda,

      We are only months away from releasing Dmitry’s Royal Flush. As soon as it hits, I will let you know and you can tell me if you think it’s up to par!!

      Hope that you’re doing well!



  6. Angela Price says:

    Loved Dmitry’s Closet waiting patiently for the next one….Great read I will be reading it again… I want to order a signed copy and looking forward to reading Ivy’s twisted Vine…Lady God has blessed you and I thank you for sharing…


    • Latrivia Nelson says:

      Hi Angela,

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed the book and thanks so much for your praises. We will have a new shipment of Ivy’s Twisted Vine coming in soon and I’ll make the available ASAP for purchase. Until then, let’s keep in touch!

      Take care and have a great day,



  7. Charlotte Mitchell says:

    I have just read both of your books, and they are really good.(except for the grammatical errors and spacing from Kindle edition). Needless to say you have move up to one of my favorite writers. Hopefully you have more books coming out soon.


    • Latrivia Nelson says:

      Hi Charlotte,

      Thanks so much for your support!! I say that alot but I mean it every time. Yes, we made some serious changes to our Kindle Version over the weekend. So hopefully they won’t be soooo bad now. However, I hope to improve with the upcoming book! I hope to impress you with it.

      Take care,



  8. Joyce Williams says:

    I just read Dmitri’s Closet and the story was wonderful but the book was not proofed well at all. Sometimes it was so bad that it took me out of the story. My sister is an author and I proof her stories for her. Please contact me and let’s talk. Your stories are too good to go out in that condition. When I read in the book about Dorian helping with Ivan’s “coo”… That was just too much.

    New fan, Joyce


  9. earlene matlock says:

    Hi Latrivia,
    I had to let you know how I enjoy you work. “Dmitri’s Closet” is the first of the novels I’ve read of yours. It is so unlike anything I’ve read in its genre. It is so for the best romance novel I’ve read in any genre be it I/R or mainstream.
    I also read the follow up book to ” Dmitri’s Closet” “Royal Flush” and I Loved it. I purchased it from your wed site as a ebook and plan on buying a hard copy as well.
    Right now I’m reading “Ivy’s Twisted Vine” All I can say is drama,excitement great read.
    Keep up the excellent writing and I’m looking forward to your future works.
    Thank you,


    • Latrivia Nelson says:

      Hi Earlene,

      Thanks so much for your support of all my work. I hope as time goes on you’ll see dramatic growth and even better stories. I’m glad that it’s like unlike anything that you’ve ever read. I hope to continue to bring new and edgy material to my readers that only gets better and better. I’d love to have you on the blogs as much as possible. We are currently talking about Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign, the third book due to come out from the Medlov Crime Family Series. Please join us and give your input.

      Again, thanks so much. I truly appreciate you.



  10. Sonia Baptiste says:

    All I can say is “Wow!” Your ability to tell a story is truly amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Royal and Dmitry. Despite the errors, the story flowed and kept me enthralled. I look forward to your other novels. You are quite gifted. Please keep on sharing!


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