Dr. Wohrman Saved Me (DENTAL STORY)

My daughter broke her tooth on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We were devastated and without a lot of options considering the time and the day. My husband was on a mission to find a dentist and went through a long list of calls, leaving messages, stressing urgency. It was crazy.

Then a dentist called us back. He was warm and understanding and told us to head right over. We did, in the pouring rain mind you, and our daughter screamed the entire way.

I came into the office frazzled.

First impression of the office and staff were great. Clean, nice office. Very nice staff to greet you. We didn’t wait any time. Dr. Wohrman jumped right on it. Dealing with my nine year old is not easy. She was cranky until she saw him. He smiled and joked with her and made her forget the pain (how is that possible?).

The hard part was of course numbing the area around the tooth. Well, I thought – GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. But to his credit, he worked his magic with his team and encouraged her the entire time.

2 hours after the tooth broke, 30 minutes after arriving to the dentist, it was extracted and she was happy again.

This doctor deserves his kudos for his customer service, patience and professionalism. But if you’re like me, you want great bed-side manner. He was amazing. He even called the Monday following the disaster to check on her. I’d recommend him to anyone. GIVE SOMEONE WHO CARES YOUR BUSINESS!!! HE CARES.

Wohrman Dental Group 1711 Kirby Parkway Memphis, TN 38120

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TylerWohrmanDDS/



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