Gabriel’s Regret: Book Two Will Be Released on 10/15


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  1. It might just be me but I HATE these cliff hanger books that authors have been doing recently. I would have gladly waited until the whole story could have been told, like Ivy’s Twisted Vine and willingly paid $6, $7 or even $8. For I know that I’m going to get a mouth watering s/l from you Mrs. Welch. I’ve read Book1 and now I have to wait until October for book 2. You and SM have always given me my money’s worth. MM use too also but has just gotten greedy recycling her s/ls. I digress – if you haven’t read Gabriel’s regret then I suggest you do and you won’t be disappointed

    • Thanks so much, Kahline. I promise that you’ll enjoy Book Two as well. It’s all action and drama. Sorry about the cliffhanger. I had to cut the book into two parts because I wanted the readers who get where Gabriel was coming from and where he was going. Looks like I managed to accomplish that with one hiccup. Forgive me for it, please. LOL. I’m honored to have you as a fan.

  2. Will you release a sneak peek of Gabriel’s Regret Book II before the release date?

    • Hi S. Raniece,

      I absolutely will. That’s part of the fun. Visit my website and sign up for the newsletter. I normally share insight using that. But I can’t wait. I’m really enjoying this journey.

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