Just a little thought that has nothing to do with anything – #1

My husband and My sister…

Latrivia’s Round House Kick

So, I have two very special people in my life. My husband is my best friend and my sister is my best friend, and together they are the same side of the same coin. But, they never listen to me. They always bust my ass when I try to be soft and gentile, though it’s not my nature. What should I do about them? Should I shoot them? Should I hug them? Should I ignore them? Time will only tell.

All I know, is they are the most honest and loving people that God has ever given to this world. They always make fun of my (1) awesome round house kick (2) my ideas of how to make a family feel loved (3) my fashion sense. They may be right on two of the three, but I’m certain that I’m absolutely right on one of those issues, just not sure which of the three.

To be serious, ladies and gentlemen, life is short – shorter than we ever imagined. To have people who are willing to walk with you every step of the way is a blessing. Hold on to those people and those moments, because you never know when it will all end.

P.S. I can’t live without either one of them.



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