Latrivia Welch is Here! And There Is A Website To Prove It!




This last week has been absolutely amazing. I got married, moved into a new house, registered the kids and returned to work…didn’t even break a sweat (who am I kidding, I lost three pounds).
Now that I’m back, it’s time to get to the business of presenting you with a completely new brand. New books. New fun art work. Fun facts. Awesome Q&A and so much more.
The Latrivia Welch brand is an extension of the Latrivia Nelson brand, because it’s me. However, it’s my job to bring you in my world of awesome alpha males and strong powerful black women through innovative, creative and continuous impressions…or at least that’s what my team tells me.



Interracial Romance Author Latrivia Welch

Interracial Romance Author Latrivia Welch



Right now, I have one goal. I am going to finish The Grunt 2. I’ve been up in my new office in my new house writing up a storm and researching. And it’s my hope to bring you a story that you can love as much as you love The Grunt. I will say that this experience back into my old book has made me fall in love with Brett & Courtney all over again.
I’m also very proud to announce to launch of my new website. By month’s end, the old site, will be no more. We’re moving on in life and moving on in our journey together to make magic in these pages. Please go to the site, sign up for the newsletter, vote for me for 2014 Interracial Romance Series (Vasily’s Revenge), check out all the news and give me your feedback. I developed the site just for you to host all things around our favorite characters. So, I hope you like it.

Stay tuned, there is more to come!

Latrivia Welch

Game of Thrones: Season Two

My husband has accused me since I was young girl wearing pig tails of being pleased far too easily.  In all these years, I haven’t grown out of that.  It’s Sunday and I’m starting to really feel like myself again.  After a long writing session, everything seems to be drained out of me.  This last time was no different.  So, I spent days in the bed just sleeping and eating.  Tonight, I plan to do two things.  (1) Go and see a very close friend of mine and catch up on all that I’ve missed in his life since we’ve been busy, (2) Watch Game of Thrones with Adam.  You would think that I’d be happier about one than the other, but in truth, I’m bubbling over to see the second season of my newest favorite show.  I plan to be home by eight no matter what.  I have so many questions.  What is going to happen to everyone?  I hope that the dragons do battle and that little king gets all that is coming to him. What I really want to know is what is the winter going to bring?  If they have dragons, then they must have other monsters.  I really don’t recall when I’ve enjoyed fantasy writing so much.  I feel like a little kid, all giddy about the television.

I guess the point is that life has some awesome little pleasures that make it worth living.  And that has never been lost on me.  I guess I’m lucky.