Multicultural Romance Author Latrivia S. Nelson Pens Authentic Tale about Marine Corps Life

(August 10, 2011 – Memphis, TENN)  RiverHouse Publishing’s bestselling author, Latrivia S. Nelson, released the third book in her bestselling Lonely Heart Series, entitled The Grunt.  The full-length romance novel is the second bestseller out of the series and has already climbed to the coveted number 1 spot on Amazon’s Multicultural Bestseller’s List since its e-book release during the last week in July. The Ugly Girlfriend, which has stayed on the Amazon Multicultural Bestseller’s List since the first week of January 2011, has also been a fan favorite, giving Nelson two books on the same bestselling list for the second time this year.  This is the tenth book that Nelson has released in the last three years and the fourth book she had released in 2011. 

“The Grunt is a powerful story of love and life in the Marine Corps.  As a wife of a combat-wounded, retired Marine and having spent many years at Camp Lejeune, I was especially excited about writing this novel.  It infuses the alpha male qualities that my readers like in their characters with the power of a strong, yet loving woman.  Moreover, it details the struggles of loving someone who is serving in the military and all that is required of them by our country while trying to balance a relationship.”

The Grunt is available on Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s Nook and Nelson’s official website (  The paperback will be available for sale nationwide on September 1, 2011 for $10. 

Synopsis of The Grunt:

Staff Sergeant Brett Black has a bad feeling that something is going to go terribly wrong. And as a Recon Marine, he pays attention to his gut. Only nothing can prepare him for what he encounters when he arrives at home from the base. His wife is leaving him, and there is nothing he can do about it.

Abandoned with a kid, the super alpha-male has to become domesticated quickly or find a willing substitute to help him with his son. Only the substitute he finds is no substitution.

Courtney Lawless is a true wild card. The budding librarian loves the classics and carries herself like a lady by day. But she also is full of life and surfs the waves of the Atlantic Ocean by night. Since her parents won’t pay for college because of bad decisions in her past, the reformed bad-girl takes a job as Brett’s live-in nanny to finish paying for school.

Brett has never seen a woman of such complex duality. Used to a wife who won’t clean, cook or even talk to him, when he starts to live with Courtney, he realizes what he’s been missing his entire life. Educated, amazing and refreshingly honest, the only thing that that this transparent beauty hides from her new boss is that she’s also the Lieutenant Colonel’s daughter.

Faced with another deployment to Afghanistan soon, the brooding Marine is forced to come out his shell to fight for what he loves; only this time, the war is at home.

Enjoy the interracial must-read romance of the summer, The Grunt, the third and longest book in Latrivia S. Nelson’s Lonely Heart Series.

Amazon’s Kindle is Igniting a Flame!



It seems more and more these days, the entire world is moving at the speed of light and requires constant immediate gratification.  In an effort to supply the demand of the “need for speed” in late 2007 Amazon developed and released the Kindle.  This technology allows for books to be downloaded and read on small device. 


While many can see the potential of this as a consumer, there are others that see this as window of opportunity for some sellers.  Self-published authors have been given a leg up on for while, offering products to millions through the use of the computer with no need for warehousing or extensive marketing.  The only thing is required is great word of mouth.  A rating can make or break you on Amazon, whether you are New York Bestseller or Joe the Plummer.


According to Zach Pontz of CNN, “Released in November 2007, the Kindle has sold more than a quarter million units. Its texts account for 10 percent of Amazon’s book sales despite the fact that 200,000 titles — a tiny fraction of the books offered on the site — are available in digital form.”  


My personal opinion and forecast is that if Amazon’s Kindle continues to garner considerable market share, we may see a spin on it in our local cell phone stores.  It would be great to pick up my Blackberry and see it double as a way to read my favorite book through the use of combined Kindle/Blackberry technology.  Hey, I know that I’m reaching, but that is what the stars are for!


Just thought I’d share this information with you.  The Christmas season is here and the Kindle makes a great gift idea.  For those who think with their wallets, Amazon is great stock to consider purchasing. Inc. (AMZN) Real-time: 44.11 2.92 (7.09%) 1:22PM ET.


Until later focus on being greater!




Latrivia Nelson

Author of Ivy’s Twisted Vine




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