Prayers Answered

Thank God for the Loving Family

Thank God for the Loving Family


Do you ever get butterflies?  I do, but only when I am about to present to a lot of people, tell someone bad news or when I see someone I’ve missed.  Well, fortunately, I’m not presenting until later this week; I received bad news on Monday, but I didn’t have to give any.  However, I did see someone I missed.  My husband flew into town from D.C.

I felt butterflies.  They erupted as soon as he came walking through the terminal.  And the weird thing is that they haven’t gone away yet.  He and I played like kids for most of the day.  I caught him staring, and then I’d stare back.  As much as he irritates my very soul, I love him dearly. 

I guess that you could say, with both of us working over 1,000 miles apart, my prayers were answered when I saw him.  I knew that some things in this world can be constant no matter what.  This – us- we’re one of them.

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