Allen Iverson May Be Leaving the Grizzlies? Now, I’m not Happy!


What a difference a freaking day makes.  My hopes had hit the ceiling with the prospect of having a winning home team this year, but it looks like I’m back to wearing University of Memphis gear and cheering for a team that doesn’t get paid at all to gain victory.  I’m not an underdog type. I don’t cheer for the losing team (unless the team was my favorite before hand).  I keep hoping for us to reach the pinnacle, the Kobe of basketball life.  However, I keep being disappointed.  I’m not speaking ill of the members of my Memphis Grizzlies team who have done well.  They have tried their collective best and that is all that I can ask.  However, A.I. has completely driven me crazy.  I do hope that he is not physically ill or that a family member is not.  If that is not the case, however, I have to pose this one question.

“If you knew that you weren’t interested, why didn’t you just say that?”

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