The World In Reverse by Latrivia S. Nelson (c) RiverHouse Publishing, LLC 2010 (via The World In Reverse)

It’s finally here. Not only do we get to see Anatoly take his walk into manhood through his book, but we also walk the hard path with our dearest man, Nicola, in his own book. Ladies and Gentlmen….May I present, the world in reverse!

Nicola Agosto has always lived on the right side of the law, but to truly serve the just in the biggest case of his life, he’s forced to cross into a world where he must become a criminal and a killer before he can become a Saint. A pedophile ring has set up shop in Memphis, Tennessee.  Children are abducted and found dead.  But what is the link?  The murder of a recent set of twins that remind him of his own sons pushes him to make a promise to … Read More

via The World In Reverse

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  1. Hi, love all your backs. Anxiously awaiting Anatoly’s book in January and the new Dr. Acostas book. Any idea on a release date for either bOoks? Thank you.

    • We are working on those currently, Natanya. I know that things will be so much clearer after we release Anatoly. Then, I can actually start to give you guys better dates on The Agosto books. This one is going to be really challenging, but I’m working with a great group of guys to give me some insight.

      Thanks for your support!


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