A Little Truth to Volume 1 of The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov

flatecover-4Some of my readers have expressed to me that forging documents and getting out of a maximum facility prison (in Russia) seems highly unlikely.  And as you remember, Dmitry did just that to get his freedom when he was barely 18 with the help of outside Vory v Zakone members.  I had actually gotten the information after researching bribes that had been made in Russian right before the fall of the USSR.  Well, today in reading some Internet news, I found an article that supports my story (in America) that I’d love to share with you.

Check this out…

Authorities are searching for two men who they say were mistakenly released from a Florida prison earlier this year.

ORLANDO, Fla. — Authorities say two men convicted on murder charges were mistakenly released from a Florida prison with forged documents.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office says Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker were released separately from a prison in the Florida Panhandle in late September and early October. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement learned about the mistake Tuesday.

Walker was serving a life sentence on a second-degree murder conviction. Jenkins was serving a prison sentence for a 1998 first-degree murder conviction. According to the sheriff’s office, both convictions stemmed from crimes committed in Orange County.

The Florida Department of Corrections says the men were released based on forged documents filed with the court to alter their sentences.

State and local authorities are searching for the men and investigating how they got released.


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