First Lady Michelle Obama Killed in her ballgown last night!!!

Michelle Obama wears Carolina Herrera gown at state dinner

Michelle Obama wears Carolina Herrera gown at state dinner

I can’t give you an actual account of what happened at last night’s state dinner because I wasn’t there. LOL. To say that I was invited but I had other things to do is like choosing to stay home and wash your hair the day of rapture. But I still kept up with all the excitement. I love most things French and was excited about the President of France coming to the states. Then there was a star-studded event worthy of a good romance novella all by it self. But what impressed me the most was not our debonair President or the celebrities, it was First Lady Michelle Obama’s dress. Damn, the girl killed it and I’m so proud of her. First Lady Obama is one of those women whom I just absolutely am proud of Monday through Sunday and she couldn’t have picked a better dress or hairstyle than last night’s for the big State Dinner. Read more below, but that was just my account on what I didn’t see for myself (snicker).

ABC News’ Chris Good: “Citizen-Stars Of The State Dinner” For the most part, Tuesday night’s state dinner was a star-studded affair. Marking the visit of French President Francois Hollande, President Obama and his French counterpart toasted each other’s countries before a lavish meal at the White House, and before an entertainment- and political-celebrity-filled crowd that included the likes of Bradley Cooper and his supermodel girlfriend, Mindy Kaling, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, outgoing NBA Commissioner David Stern, Stephen Colbert, and members of Congress and cabinet secretaries. LINK

USA Today’s Maria Puente: “Obamas Bid Bon Appetit To Hollande (And Bradley Cooper)” Guess who came to dinner at the White House state affair for French President François Hollande? Well, besides Bradley Cooper. Well, besides Bradley Cooper. Not Hollande’s wife, because he doesn’t have one. Not his gorgeous girlfriends, because he’s already dumped two of them. And not his current gorgeous girlfriend, because, well, she’s just too new to display to the Yanks, already agog at the details of his complicated romantic life. But the show must go on when it’s a grand state dinner at stake, and so President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama welcomed a solo Hollande for tonight’s gala at the White House, where the celebrity guests included French-speaking heartthrob movie star Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse. LINK

Another hot first lady look…
Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Margarita Zavala, Felipe Calderon

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