Join Latrivia Nelson and The Latrivia Nelson Love Pub Members on The Skinny on Interracial Romance Tomorrow–a-talk-about-vasilys-revenge


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Join National Bestselling Interracial Romance Author Latrivia Nelson and the ladies of her Facebook Group, The Love Pub for an in-depth discussion of Vasily’s Revenge, Part 1.  This book is part of the Amazon Bestselling Box Set, The Scandalous Heroes, released earlier this month. Ask questions, share your thoughts, make suggestions and enjoy women from across the world as they talk about The Russian  Series that you should already own, The Medlov Men.

More About Vasily’s Revenge:

Vasily was a quiet man of questionable origins, one of the many reasons that he’d become more like family to the Medlov’s than a simple captain. He was shorter than the seven-foot Czar, but a few feet taller than his immediate boss, Anatoly…. However, his body builder physique was no less menacing. He had a prison build from years of working in the gym not only to maintain his size but also to strengthen his lungs, which had been punctured over ten years ago by Leo Rasputin’s bodyguard.

A feared, revered henchman of the Vory v Zakone, all Vasily had ever known for the last eight years was in this room. He had served the most powerful men in the mafia and his reputation had been nearly flawless doing so. He had killed more men than he cared to count. Done more deals for his bosses then he would ever say. And he had done it all without ever seeking anything in return, except once, and he had learned that lesson painfully.

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