Fixed Fight for Rourke in Russia


I saw this on MSN news and thought it was interesting and might make for a good part of an upcoming story….

In a startling and completely unexpected confession, Elliot Seymour, the 1-9 pro boxer who fought actor Mickey Rourke in Russia last month, has admitted that their bout was fixed.

When 62-year-old actor and former amateur boxer Mickey Rourke obliterated Elliot Seymour in their exhibition match in Russia, boxing aficionados were immediately quick to point out that Rourke could potentially be the superstar at heavyweight who could immediately threaten Wladimir Klitschko and “curbstomp” Deontay Wilder with one hand tied behind his back. To refresh your memory, here were the two bone-chilling knockdowns that forced the 2nd round stoppage.

Sadly, this feel-good story has taken a turn for the worse. Seymour, who is unbeaten in 1 of his 10 career pro fights, spoke with TMZ Sports and made the disappointing confession that this fight wasn’t actually legitimate after all.

Elliot Seymour tells TMZ Sports the deal was he would go down from a body shot in the 2nd round … and he would get $15,000 — $10k up front and the rest when he got back to the U.S.


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