Gabriel’s Regret (SYNOPSIS)



Gabriel Medlov has lived two very different lives in his 30 years on this earth, mostly because of his very different parents & paths.


Gabriel’s mother, Emma Hutton, was born into British royalty with billions of dollars but after her mother married the rugged Russian mobster, Dmitry Medlov, and gave him her inheritance, she denounced her family and became a freedom fighter, spending most of her life in the trenches of third-world countries fighting for the oppressed until her untimely death.


Gabriel’s father, Ivan Medlov, was a lot less selfless – a reputed Russian crime boss, the brother of Dmitry Medlov, and a rabid sociopath, he spent his life running guns, women and drugs until his nephew, Anatoly Medlov, murdered him.


With parents on two far extremes of the spectrum of good and evil, Gabriel was born right in the middle and spent most of his life as a second-string beta.  Until now.  After a series of bad events, the brooding, six-foot-nine, black-haired, blue-eyed, safe bet is on the verge of self-actualization or self-destruction, only he doesn’t know it.


All Gabriel does know is that his normally level-headed thinking and cool exterior are starting to give way to a much more violent and vocal monster that may or may not have been lurking below the surface for many years.


After a major fall-out with his live-in girlfriend in front of the entire family, Gabriel is sent from the palatial confines of the Medlov compound to the war-torn country of Ukraine to oversee a large munitions deal worth millions of dollars.  For Gabriel, this trip is a punishment for his recent philandering and general loss of control, but for Dmitry, it’s a test to determine what kind of man his nephew is turning into.


When Gabriel arrives in the war-torn country of Ukraine, he is met by militia who are fighting a regional war on an international stage.  As Russia shifts its focus to Syria, its military forces are being pulled out of the Ukraine.  This allows a very small opportunity to take over a much needed border town with an airport, but the militia must move fast.  Ready to business as usual and get back to the states, Gabriel is transported and introduced to the head of the militia – Valeriya Nenya.


The music stops.  The world stops.  Gabriel’s heart stops.  Who is this black woman and how did she just still his heart?


Born into a life of poverty and hate, Valeriya Nenya, is no princess and no priss.  She is, however, fighting not only against Russians who want to come in and take over her country but also Neo-Nazi separatists who have been terrorizing the country from within for years. With access of munitions and other aide cut off by the outside world, Gabriel Medlov and the Medlov Crime Family becomes Valeriya’s only hope to winning this war.


Blocked from leaving after an air strike, Gabriel is forced to imbed with the militia until Dmitry can get him help.  While he is there, he is forced to see the world from a very different lens.  Third world poverty, extreme racism, violence and starvation take on a whole new meaning as he discovers what Valeriya is fighting against.   He also, for the first time, sees what his mother died fighting for.  Only, with his father’s blood and his family’s trade, Gabriel discovers what he was possibly made to do and the movement and woman who will shift him from being a beta in the world of Medlov to an Alpha in a world of regret.


Read the Romantic Suspense, Gabriel’s Regret, the second book in the Medlov Men Series by USA TODAY bestselling author Latrivia Welch.



15 thoughts on “Gabriel’s Regret (SYNOPSIS)

  1. Anita B says:

    I am an absolute fan of the Medlov family. I have loved each and every book you have written surrounding each member and I have been patiently waiting for Gabriel story, so I am very much looking forward to this new installment. Thank you for your dedication to your fans.


  2. Charlotte says:

    Medlov men looking forward to reading the second installment. I’ve read several of Ms. Nelson-Welch’s books and so far I have enjoyed them all.


  3. Yolanda says:

    I am soooooooooooo looking forward to this book, Ms Welch! I re-read the synopsis no less than 5 times – love it! No one does Mafia romance like you! I have been dying for Gabriel to finally get his beautiful black Queen! I hope the release date is soon.


  4. kaye77 says:

    Of course I’m in hurry waiting lmao. Can’t help it with LW’s books; they are good & always have wonderful story line that holds ur attention and make wish the book was longer. She doesn’t disappoint! 😢waiting


  5. Latrivia Nelson says:

    Thanks so much everyone. This is a super DRAFT, but thought I’d share it with the world. It will change a little and be a little more refined for the final book. But I am so happy that you like it so far. I appreciate your constant support.


  6. Angela says:

    I’ve been hunting for the story on Gabriel, thought I’d missed it. Thank goodness it’s not out yet, phew! I can’t wait to read this story!!!

    Just bought the Chronicles of Dimitry Medlove story. Will be stuck into these stories whilst on beach😊 can’t wait.


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