Being Black in Ukraine: A Need to Adopt

Some of my readers have reached out in either disbelief or denial that there are people of color in Ukraine. I was so happy for those emails from people who were shocked yet impressed that we had a presence there, and heart broken by those who sent emails saying such a thing simply was not true. We need to know. And in some cases, we need to help. Look at this video and you’ll understand my heartbreak.


5 thoughts on “Being Black in Ukraine: A Need to Adopt

  1. Jo Lindsey says:

    Omg. I had no idea but I should have. The Black children left behind have hard lives. Thank you for incorporating them in your works. Black lives matter no matter where they are born.


    • Latrivia Nelson says:

      Jo, I felt the same way. My heart was broken about the way people of color are treated there. By shedding light on it, maybe it will be addressed. I’d love for major media outlets to talk about this problem when they report on the civil unrest in the country.


  2. Shantia says:

    I was wondering were you got the orphanage idea from in Gabriel’s book. Makes me sad to know tha children have to go through that. I think God for the foster mother. Do you know if the is way to make donations to the orphanage?


    • Latrivia Nelson says:

      Hi Shantia,

      I felt the same way which is why I had to share the video with you guys. No, I don’t know how to reach out to her, but I’ll try to find out more by reaching out to the reporter. If and when I find out something, I’ll post it to let you know.

      Thanks for asking.


  3. Valerie Peterson says:

    I am seeing this video for the first time, but knew when you wrote of this issue in your book, it was real. I also would like to know about helping those children get out, even once they are grown. You would think that if the government doesn’t really want them there they’d be allowed to leave? Scared they’d thrive elsewhere, kill the myth perpetuated by the neo – Nazi skinheads I guess. Please find out more.


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