Latrivia Nelson talks about her President, Barack Obama’

Chicago, IL on Election Nite - Barack Obama becomes the 44th US President

Chicago, IL on Election Nite - Barack Obama becomes the 44th US President

I am the most excited woman in the world right now! Well, me and about 3 million other people who have supported our President for at least 18-24 months during this election season! Tonight, we all made history. We have saved our country from another 4 years of complete financial oppression. We have realized Dr. King’s dream; we have made true Kennedy’s forecast; we have seen beyond our biases to elect the first African-American president. Raise the roof! I am so proud. So happy. I can tell my children and grandchildren about this night for the rest of my life. God Keep Him! And GOD BLESS AMERICA!



Latrivia Nelson Talks about Senator Obama & the Loss of His Grandmother

Sen. Obama speaking about the loss of his grandmother.

Sen. Obama speaking about the loss of his grandmother.

I felt an enormous since of hope and pride with the announcement of Senator Barack Obama as our Democratic Presidential Candidate, which I have never felt before in my entire life.  As a young woman, I have longed for a national leader whom I could embrace fully and who could create the change in the public that we need as it relates to African-Americans in leadership positions.  I also longed for a better platform and view of multi-racial children and interracial marriage.  Barack has created that international dialogue that America has been waiting for and motivated us to strive for more of ourselves.   In regards to his loss, many of us love him deeply and it is truly painful to watch him lose the matriarch of his family.   He has said that she was his motivation and his maverick for change, and we all owe her a great debt of gratitude for being so instrumental in raising such a prolific and visionary young man whom we all love to call Barack Obama.


Latrivia S. Nelson, average citizen








Barack Obama Airs 30-minute Ad that could change lives!


Tonight not only did the World Series end but the 30-minute ad for Barack Obama aired. It was such a wonderul plan, and it encompassed all of us as American citizens. I normally would take this opportunity to shove my opinions right down your throats leaving you no time to respond or think. But this time, I’ve only provided the YouTube link so that you may watch it and form your own opinions.



Phillies Win Series – Latrivia Wishes that it was Boston!

Getting Ready to WIN the World Series!

Getting Ready to WIN the World Series!

Tonight the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series in the 9th inning with Tampa Bay looking at a third strike. I rushed home so that I wouldn’t miss all of it, but I barely got a chance to see anything but the end. I wish so badly that it was the Boston Red Sox. Ortiz and Lester will be back next year to kick butt. In the mean time, I’m happy for the Phillies and still proud of the TB team. Maddon seems like a good coach. They’ll come back stronger than ever next year, but it won’t be strong enough to keep Big Papi downJ




Latrivia Nelson Thinks the Possibilities are Endless!


A few minutes for Barack's Speech

A few minutes for Barack


I’m only 28, but the involvement that I’ve seen in the communities around me in this presidential election has been unbelievable.  When I was in undergrad, a few moons ago, we had to beg people to come out to vote.  I remember that November it was cold and frustrating.  I walked around knocking on doors in late October and for the election night, I had the flu.  This year, I’ve not walked door-to-door, but I have given financially and participated in a few rallies. I’ve made phone calls and prayed that my candidate wins. 

 However, the news is reporting breaking numbers of people who are coming out to vote.  This year, change has occurred regardless of what anyone says.  People care.  They have issues that they want addressed.  Now, I won’t get into what those issues are, because I’ve given myself a time limit on this entry.  However, I will say that in four years, I pray to God that we have the same passion that we have right now for the election process.

 This has sparked a new thought for me.  We are showing our children that possibilities are endless for them.  If they truly believe in a issue, if they dare think that they can change a problem and provide a solution, they only need to put that first foot forward and begin to walk in that direction.  People will rally behind you, if you are determined and willing to stand and give a good fight.

I love Senator Obama and his lovely family for their courage and their determination.  When I asked my beautiful son what he wanted to be when he grew up, he didn’t say Batman or Hulk like normal.  He said, “I want to be President.”  He wants to be President! 

All across the US, there will be young men and women of all ethnic backgrounds and all religions who will start to dream beyond the glass ceiling.  They will start to think more of themselves then what at first some would have them think.  Young girls will want to be President of Anything and Everything, young men will consider themselves leaders.

This is a good change for all of us.  We are inspiring them, much like our parents and grandparents inspired us.  It’s a good feeling. 

 What do you feel America?