Characters Take On Life – Insight into Dmitry’s Closet

My idea of passion

My idea of passion

Dmitry’s Closet has taken on its own life over the last few months.  The characters actually have their own rhythm and style. 

In the process of writing, however, I always stop to read other authors and their works.  It gives me motivation.  I want to see if their characters take on a life of their own.  And they do.  One author had such an impact on me until I read her entire series.  Impressive.  I’m a fan for life now.

So, I’ve been asking myself just what each character is like, what they like, what they are like – I hear jazz whenever I think of Dmitry’s Closet.  Dmitry is an older gentleman with a keener sense of style and expensive taste.  However he has a bad boy quality that is completely undeniable.


On the other end of the spectrum, Royal is a young woman who is actually an old soul.  She’s a hard worker, trusting and loving.  Her character is completely sincere. 

Both characters had to be connected by something that was truly binding.  So the concept of a beautiful, twenty-something virgin was appealing to me.  See, there are so many women who have lost their virginity so young (I’m not knocking it, just talking facts here people).  I wanted to explore the type of woman who was still guarded about sexuality, who didn’t wear it on her sleeve.  And I had to explore what would make her want to give such a gift to a man after waiting.

I knew a young lady who inspired this.  I was writing on Dmitry’s Closet at the first of the year, and she and I got into a deep conversation on why she had chosen to remain abstinent.  Later this year, she married.  I was very proud of her.  In an age where this type of thing is rare, I wanted to applaud it.  Now, the young woman that I spoke with and Royal have very distinctive differences, but I was intrigued by their one similarity.

So, I’ve got a jazzy, rich story where the characters come to life and bring out their own flavor.  It’s exciting.  I think of Romeo and Juliet often when I write – those star crossed lovers and their constant battle to be together.  And while there will be absolutely no suicide attempts in this story, the overall passion of the two is always prevalent. 

Passion.  It’s such a rich word.  I think of chocolate, laughing, deep rich purple satin, enchanting perfume and deep breaths when I hear the word.

So basically, someone pulled out the life battles and applied it to my fingertips for this one.  And I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Xoxo and all that biz,


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