Typing Inferno – Pary Time, Part Time!

What I call a relaxing weekend (couch and book):-)

What I call a relaxing weekend (couch and book):-)

Some seasons, you have no new ideas.  You want to type, you long to write but nothing comes to mind.  Other times, you can write without eating or sleeping.  It’s “your own brand of heroine.”

For me lately, I’ve been faced with the better of the two.  New ideas have been flooding in like the River Jordan.  I think it has a lot to do with God’s mercy, because I’m so pathetic when I get writer’s block.  Plus there is no motivation like Chris Cornell’s old album Euphoria Morning.  I pulled out my Cornell collection to clear my mind and just when I dumped everything out, new GOOD stuff started to come in.  Chris has that effect on me, way back since Black Hole Sun when he was with Sound Garden.

I’ve had ideas springing forth like oil from a Texas well.  I wake up happy in the morning for no reason at all, wondering what I will come with next.  To celebrate my new motivation, even Adam has been reading lately.  Bless his soul; he went from being interrogated for my book to having to read about his interrogation.  (Did I mention he hates Romance novels?)

So far, I’ve started three new books.  I bet you I’m all finished by Easter with all of them. 

It’s party time people.  The fingers can’t type fast enough.

Xoxo and that jazz,


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