Lots of Irons in the Fire for Latrivia Nelson

You can’t keep a good writer down. You also can’t keep her off the computer. I have been stuck to a keyboard for the last three weeks, typing away like a fiend. My poor husband thought that after Dmitry’s Closet, I would take a break. However, I surprised the whole family with one word: sequel!

So, here’s the deal. I’m working on Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen (http://dmitrysroyalfush.wordpress.com), The Guitarist (a paranormal romance with a friend of mine and lead guitarist for the multi-platinum band Saving Abel), The Pitcher’s Last Curve Ball (an interracial romance novel), The Agosto Family (an interracial romance novel and sequel to Ivy’s Twisted Vine) and working a real job.

Is it a lot? Hell yes! But I feel complete having something to do late nights when everyone is sleep. And my motivation is endless. So, for my readers who have begging for new work, I hear you guys. I’m working hard and I can’t wait for you all to weigh in.

I’ve also committed to get my lazy but back on this blog and share with you guys as much as possible about the entire process. After all , it is all for you.

Also, you can always

Xoxo and all that jazz, Latrivia

One thought on “Lots of Irons in the Fire for Latrivia Nelson

  1. Alfie says:

    Latrivia I am such a huge fan of Dmitry’s Closet. Please keep writing. My book club and myself loved the book and we are waiting for your second installment.

    Congrats on such great work,



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