V6: Coming at the end of August

TDmitryhe love that I’ve received from readers regarding The World in Reverse has truly been amazing.  Everyday I answer hundreds of emails and go to bed with plenty more for the next day.  It’s better than money realizing the time that people have taken out of their lives to read something that I wrote.  Such an honor.  With that being said, almost every email that I’ve received has had one important question at the end.  “When is the next book coming out?”


Well, I’m happy to announce that The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 6 affectionately called by Medlovians, V6 will be out by the end of the month.  In comparison to a 741-page book, it’s a super short story that again revisits the early life of our dear Dmitry.  We catch up with him, Elsa, Ivan, Arie, Vladimir and Davyd during the middle of the Angolan Civil War.


Now, if you’ve read V5, you know that Elsa’s father is a general in the war.  She also has paved the way for Dmitry to build a relationship with him and become his only supplier.  But there is so much more to that story (no spoilers for you), until you’ll have to check it out yourself.


I’m sorry in advance that it’s not a long story, but these stories are designed to be short insights.  Plus, every volume that we finish, we get closer to The Medlov Men, a new series that will hit January 2014, where we will focus on the current story of Dmitry, Anatoly, Gabriel, Vasily, Boris and so many more.


Thanks again for being so awesome.  We are working on a conference call date and the release of the book trailer for The World in Reverse. I hope that you’ll join us.  Also, I’ll be speaking to the lovely ladies of Sienna Mynx’s personal page (over 600 devoted readers on August 25th).  We have seven book club meetings between now and then with various groups including the lovely ladies of the Miami MegaMoms Book club on tonight.


XoXo and all that jazz,


Latrivia Nelson




7 thoughts on “V6: Coming at the end of August

  1. Jelly says:

    Ok so wait: will Nicola and Ivy be in The Medlov Men story? Seeing as they are now enmeshed with Dmitry and Royal per The World in Reverse, I’d expect to start seeing them show up. Yes?


  2. Ebony says:

    So Happy 🙂
    Latrivia, girl you really gave me such a fix with WIR, and now V6.
    WIR really wet my whistle for more Dmitry,Anatoly, and Vasily. I was beyond impressed with Mr. Agosto (Not Agusta, LOL). Keep up the great work.


  3. Shirlene says:

    Latrivia, I’m one of your fans from Barbados. I’m a voracious reader but since finishing WIR the weekend it was released I have not been able to read anything by any author but you. I’ve been re-reading all of the Medlov books. I introduced them to my husband and after finishing WIR his first question was when is the next one coming out. Looking forward to V6.


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