What is a Medlovian?

images-5 copyIt might seem severely OCD, but I print out all of my emails from fans who write to me and put them in these oversized binders.  They are keepsakes for me, meaningful notes from people who reached out to me.  They are all important, all special.

Anywhooo, I was printing off yesterday’s emails, which came to 46, and I highlighted the word Medlovian.  Well, 31 of the people referred to themselves as Medlovians.  It is a term that was made by fans for fans of The Medlov Men and Women.

So, I got to thinking….yes got.  And the question became what is a Medlovian?  Why are there Medlovians?  And is it an entire movement of readers?

Well, I’d like to say on record that I’m a Medlovian too.  Proud to be.  But I want to hear from you.  Tell me what your thoughts are on being one and what makes you one.

Also, for Christmas, we will be releasing a small line of merchandise for Medlovians: coffee cups, work bags, book marks, etc.  It might be great to gift yourself or someone you love with a cute little what-not.  Be expecting more when we officially launch for Thanksgiving.

Dive in and let me know what you think.

XoXo and all that jazz,

Latrivia Nelson


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  1. Yes I am one and proud…I have loved the Medlovs since Dimtry’s Closet….I know they are bad boys but I just cant help it, lol

    • Every woman loves a bad boy in a good fiction story.

  2. I definitely consider myself as an ETREME Medlovian. We live and breathe them. Its almost like we are truly living through these characters. Who wouldnt get obsessed with Dmitry Medlov. He is one of the most intense man (imho) written down on paper. Everytime a new book comes out, I feel that I’m the book. Whatever Im reading prior to will automatically go on pause when a new Medlov story comes out. Its just apart of me like family. When I see extremly tall men, I must admit that I try to stand close enough to imagine the full height of 7ft man. Or wonder if there IS a person like him walking this planet somewhere. How facinating is that?! How about adding MEDLOVIAN apparel too!

    • I will definitely look at some apparel options and let you guys vote on them:-)

      I feel the same way. Writing about them is such a joy. I get giddy just thinking about it.

  3. A Medlovian is a woman who loves her man without question. She knows who he is to the world but who he is to her is untouchable. She didn’t think it was possible to love a man to the depths of his soul knowing he could kill another man and not blink an eye. The Medlovian knows only her man’s touch can satisfy her. When he looks at her she feels safe, secure and loved beyond measure. The Medlov men have a charm and power that no other man possess. Once you are caught in the web of Dmitry, Anatoly, Gabriel and their trusted crew including Nicola Agosto there is no turning back.

    • There is no turning back!! Lol. All we have to do is ask Royal, Renee and yes, Briggy…about that.

  4. I am addicted to the Medlov books…I read and reread each one. I wait in anticipation on you to introduce us to the next book so…If that makes me a Medlovian I gladly shout it to all that I am a Medlovian. 🙂

    • That definitely makes you a Medlovian and you have been one since the beginning.

  5. I am a proud Medlovian! Any time you take the side of any of the Medlov family member, whether they are wrong or right, makes you a true Medlovian. Even if the “hero”/protagonist of the story is suppose the be in the right and trying to do all the right things and still a Medlov comes around tempting in that oh so delicious/naughty and sometimes down right wrong way…you still want the Medlovs to come out on top. (Sorry Agosto Family) Yes, I am and will always be a Medlovian. I can’t get enough of them! The Medlov family pushes boundaries of the social norms in just the right way. They fight hard, punish brutality, protect fiercely and love with an intense passion that burns the soul. Oh yes, the Medlovs might have flaws, plenty and sometimes deadly but it is worth it because you get some much more! So yes, I am a Medlovian and proud to be one! Thank you Ms. Nelson for this wonderful gift and I look forward to the next book about this wonderful family! Happy Writing, we Medlovians can’t wait!

  6. Jesus, I can’t wait to drink from a Dmitry mug. I’m a Medlovian because I daydream and fantasize about Dmitry. My family knows how I feel about him, they ask, “what has Dmitry been up?” (Like he’s a real person). I’m in love with Dmitry, and in my head, he’s in love with me.

    • Andrea,

      Yes, your last name is Medlov. LOL. I can’t wait for us all to get together and talk about the Medlov Family with our mugs. Plus, I’ll make up any excuse to drink coffee:-)

  7. A friend recently suggested this series to me and I can say without a doubt that I am a Medlovian! It took me two days but I devoured it without fail.It was intense, funny, sexy as hell…what more could a girl ask for. You’ve done outstanding work and I can’t wait for more!

    You have a new fan 😀

    • Thank you so much Anni. I love this series. It is so much fun. I’m honored to have you as a fan and hopefully, we can get you some more material to read very soon!

  8. The reasons I love.beinging.Medlovian is:
    1. Dmitry
    2. 7 feet tall
    4. Russian
    5. Rich
    6. He is loyal
    7. Possiona
    8. Loving. Caring. Patient
    9. He kill when necessary. Yeah what not to love
    Then there is Royal. I love strong black woman. She knows when to.submit. and allow. Dmitry. be. him.
    Then there is Anatoy. And.Gabriel.

    • Thanks, Cinquetta. I know you’re going to love V6 then, because he’s all Medlov in this one.

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